SuppressDwmPerformancePrompts64 (or SuppressDwm64) is a notification suppression utility for Desktop Window Manager of Windows 7. Additionally, it allows for preventing DWM from changing the color scheme.

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It is a search-and-replace loader. The process of Desktop Window Manager is ASLR-protected, what required us to make SuppressDwm64 use of debugging facilities. The offsets modified are the same all the time, but the base of process image differs every time the service is started. The patch could not be applied once, e.g. to the disk, because the process file is protected by the system. It would be an overkill to try to overwrite a system file. Memory (in-RAM) patching, which is carried out by SuppressDwm64, is an efficient and safe way to apply the patch. To undo the patch, it is only necessary to restart the service. No files are modified physically, that is, in a permanent manner, since memory modifications are volatile.

It provides a wizard mode for non-technical users and an advanced mode for all those who would like to test and/or examine behaviour of their systems. The program is easy to set up and does not require installation.

Desktop Window Manager informs the end-user if their computer is low on memory and offers to change the color scheme or does it automatically. It is a good and polite practice until such notifications become unjustifiable. SuppressDwm64 has been written to suppress any notifications from DWM. Additionally, it offers the possibility to prevent it from switching the color scheme.

All you need to do is to start the executable of the patch, called suppressdwm64.exe. The wizard will guide you and help you make decisions.

These notifications are supported by SuppressDwm64:


Available in English and Polish.  Contact us if you want to translate SuppressDwm64 into your language

Name of the program: SuppressDwmPerformancePrompts64 or SuppressDwm64
Current version: 0.97
Size: 789KB
Operating systems: Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64
Coded in x86-64 assembly (JWasm)

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